Video-Conferencing System

DISCNet use the Visimeet videoconferencing system as supported by JANET and provided by SEPnet. Here we explain how to use the system, for students, lecturers, administrators and technical support staff.


  • New individual users can sign up and automatically be invited to the SEPnet community here

  • This should register your account as a trial or free license and allow you to download the Visimeet client. If downloaded from the JANET server it should have the correct settings, but the Visimeet server should be set to If it is not, then please change it on the sign-in screen.

  • Accounts registered in the SEPnet Community are able to see all the other registered users in the community, initiate instant messaging or videconferences with them, join SEPnet meeting rooms (under Meetings) and view and playback shared recordings (under Recorder).

  • If you have installed Visimeet and signed in yet cannot see the SEPnet community then please contact who can then manually invite you to join the community.

  • Support information is available at