Public Engagement Training

Aims & Objectives :

  • To introduce students to possible routes for public engagement with their future research,

  • To inspire students to develop public engagement activities related to their research,

  • To build public engagement capacity across DISCnet,

  • To draft a realistic, achievable outline plan for the cohort to deliver a public engagement activity


The lecture will introduce the students to effective and innovative ways of communicating research. Several target audiences are explored, from the general public, to the media, schools, and employers. Examples will be drawn from current activities in Southampton and within SEPnet. The students will be developing ideas for public engagement based on their own research projects, which may be implemented in the future. Such activities form the backbone of impact cases for fundamental sciences.


Approximate number of hours:

taught material + exercises + self-study: 5 hours

Lecturer names: Emma Flynn, Southampton – Public Engagement with Research unit