Practical Introduction to Selected Tools for High Energy Physics

This session forms part of the residential module DISC6001 and will be provided by Alexandra Belyaev with a MADGRAPH5 tutorial provided by Dermot O’Brian.


Aims & Objectives:

Students with about automatic evaluation of Matrix Elements and simulation of the processes within and Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) using CalcHEP package. They will also learn about automatic derivation of Feynman Rules for BSM model using LanHEP package. Sutdents will also become familiar with the High Energy Physics Model Database (HEPMDB) framework and the possibility to explore BSM phenomenology at the HPC cluster. Students will gain hands on experience with MADGRAPH5.



Matrix Element Calculations with CalcHEP

Model Implementation using  LanHEP

Model repository and simulations using  HEPMDB

Tutorial on MADGRAPH5


Learning & Teaching Resources / links / background reading

Course page

Calchep page:

LanHEP page


For MADGRAPH5: and


Prerequisites / Linked Modules

Nuclear and particle Physics


Laptop with linux operating system (could be windows with virtual box - any linux system will work)

Approximate number of hours:

4 hours (2+2) lectures)

2 hours of practical exercises