Name of organisation:


Brief description of organisation (including relevant websites):


BMT SMART is the specialist fleet and vessel performance monitoring division of the BMT Group the leading name in global marine consultancy.


Title of Abstract:

Extracting value from shipping performance data to reduce emissions in shipping and improve fuel consumption.


BMT SMART collects sensor data from over 100 vessels with a 5-minute resolution. This data is then used to analyse and model the vessel performance. The project would consist of the following steps:


1. Identify a data quality strategy (including cross sensor analysis)

2. Demonstrate how this strategy might be automated

3. Adapt the strategy to work with the various features of the system (modelling, trending, sensor failure indication)

4. Develop the modelling capability of the system with the improved data set (neural networks, linear)

5. Carry out a thorough sensitivity analysis on the models.


Proposed start date in 2018 (approximate and/or flexible): 

Flexible from start of 2018.

Skills and experience the student will obtain during placement:


1. Understanding of complex sensor data analysis

2. Automation of data problem identification in a range of applications

3. Advanced modelling skills

4. Business prioritisation implications


Proposed end date of placement in 2018 (approximate and/or flexible):

Flexible, desirable within 6 months concluded within one year. This project requires several months to progress.