Astronomical Surveys

Across all partners, we are interested in wide-field optical and infrared imaging and spectroscopic surveys. We use these surveys to image large areas of sky and lead spectroscopic follow up. Multi-wavelength studies across the EM spectrum increase the information content and data complexity. We exploit these data to study the static and time-domain universe: galaxy and stellar evolution, the large-scale structure of the universe, and the physical origin of dark energy.


We have key roles in EuclidVISTA4MOSTDark Energy SurveyDESILSST, and the Square Kilometre Array.


Bacon, Crittenden, Maartens, Masters, Nichol, Percival (Portsmouth)

Serjeant (Open University)

ClarksonSutherland (QMUL)

ChildressHoenigSullivan (Southampton)

Lewis, Loveday, Oliver, Romer, Sargent, Smith, Wilkins (Sussex)