Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applied to Astronomy

March Geol Soc image.jpg

A Royal Astronomical Society Specialist Discussion Meeting held on 8th March 2018.



Data sets in astronomy are becoming extremely large and complex, the research questions that are being asked of these data are also becoming complex and in many cases, the richness of the data surpasses the level of sophistication of the theoretical models.  Machine learning and AI can thus be used to augment physical models for practical applications (e.g. photometric redshifts) or physical understanding (e.g. galaxy classification, model fitting).


Meanwhile, the UK government has recently identified artificial intelligence as a key opportunity (one of its four grand challenges) in the Industrial Strategy White paper.  As a highly computationally literate community with extreme data challenges, astronomy research could provide a very valuable environment for developing the skills and techniques the UK economy needs. This would provide a significant socio-economic impact, important for the sustainability of the discipline.


Details of the meeting agenda are in the attached PDF document.